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Guide Star Catalogue Information


You find yourself at Astrodienst Find a latitude and longitude of a city

Testdrive Eagle Geocoding


Utility to align multiple images for creating a mosaic


LX200 Command Set

LX200 Collimation/Optical Issues 


VNC logo

  Run your Unix or Windows astronomy software remotely 



apm.jpg (2933 Byte)  Tools and information site


A Quickcam based Autoguider

How To Get Started in CCD Photometry

Minor Planet Checker  Prepare a list of known minor planets in a specified region


NiteView is a small Visual Basic application which will shift your Windows 95/98 display to dark reds and grays to minimize the light radiated from the display into your observatory. NiteView also will hide your desktop icons and your taskbar


View current phase of the moon

                        GIF animation by Ed Stephan (





eExtraSolar Planet Catalog



ATM Journal

ADC for Amateur Astronomers